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A good education can transform lives.

Watch our video and get to know our innovative solution

The lack of access to quality education is the biggest cause of inequality in Brazil. Every kid that reaches adulthood without proper education is another lost generation! There are more than 30 million unassisted kids in Brazil and we need your contribution to have a big impact on this issue.
Inequality and low levels of human capital are the key causes of Brazilian underdevelopment. By investing in education, in addition to doing good, you contribute to the development of your country and the world, and that translates worldwide economic growth.
Education is the foundation of everything. With a better educational level, we generate better workers, but also better citizens, better voters and a society with stronger values and laws.

Do the simulations and see below how many lives you will help.

Choose the number of lives you want to help, customize your requirements and make the payment right now!

Each young student needs an investment of R$ 4.200,00 for the Full Plan or R$ 3.200 for the Base Plan.

With this unique value, the Alicerce guarantees the academic result of your investment. That is, if it takes longer to complete the student's training, we will bear that cost

And you yourself will follow this evolution directly through periodic progress reports.

I want to help


Total donation is: R$ 0,00

> Requirements / Counterparts

> Co-participation

This is the% that you want the student to have to pay for the tuition at Alicerce.

Example: If you set 20%, the student will have to pay R$ 23.80 / month in the Basic Plan and R$ 35.60 in the Full Plan

The higher the % required of you to co-participate, the more restricted the audience you will be able to help, but the more committed it will be to the process.

Hourly load of 70 hours per month

Disciplines: Portuguese, Mathematics and Discovery.

Hourly load of 120 hours per month

Disciplines: Portuguese, Mathematics, Discovery, English and Programming.

> Give back in the future.

How much do you want the young man you helped to give Alicerce to other young people?

When selecting this option, we will require that the young person contemplated by his / her fellowship commit himself to help other young people when they reach their professional stage.

This is a way to immortalize your investment, in cascade.

You can choose the young person you have helped commit to paying Alicerce for just one more young man, two young people, or even three young people. Or not create that obligation for him.

Every young person who has benefited from the young people you are supporting now will be identified as being supported by you!

The total of your donation is R$ 0,00