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Together to end inequality of opportunity in Brazil

Education is the most urgent cause in Brazil. Every year, 2 million young brazilians enter the labor market with very limited opportunities, and that skills gap can’t be easily overcome thereafter. The lack of inequality of opportunity is the basis of all the problems in Brazil. Join us in this mission. Our goal is to leave no child behind. Everyone can do something to help!

Paulo Batista
CEO & Founder - Alicerce Educação

> Social Impact

Alicerce is a social impact company whose ambition is to give an opportunity to succeed to all brazilians who attend public schools or low-cost private schools.

Through a three phase program, two educational phases and a third phase of professional orientation, Alicerce has the mission of ensuring that kids from the lower classes of Brazil get the same opportunities than kids from the elite to make progress in life and obtain professional and financial success, ensuring social progress for their families.

We believe that every kid has the ability to shine. We only need to ignite that spark in them and make them believe in themselves.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
Nelson Mandela

> Our dream

We want to reduce inequality in Brazil and have a material impact in the Brazilian opportunity gap, helping to raise the human capital level of the country.

Our challenge at Alicerce is huge, as there are more than 30million young kids without access to good quality K-12 education. We will not leave any of them behind!